Mr Carrington saw my mum in October 2015. He was kind and understanding. He listened to her, examined her and explained how he could help her. We both felt that he was a very capable surgeon and that she would be in safe hands. Mr Carrington did her op in mid-November and she is doing very well. Mum has a complicated medical history and Mum is delighted with her new hip and is now pain free. Wonderful!

CarerWritten by a carer at York Ooh

From the first consultation Mr Britton was very likeable, being easy to speak to and very quickly displayed an excellent grasp of my leg conditions, considering historic injuries which had a bearing on fitting of the new joint. The operation was on a Saturday morning, recovery Sunday, home on Monday. Mr Britton visited me each day confirming all seemed very much in order and after final x-rays Monday morning he confirmed the hip joint was well placed and I would be going home in the afternoon. An amazing experience with little pain (2/3). I had the utmost confidence in this surgeon, and his excellent team. I will be seeing Mr Britton in 5 weeks time. The spinal block was the right anaesthetic for me together with sedative it worked very well. I honestly could not think of anything that would improve a well practised procedure.private patient

Private patientWritten by a private patient at Nuffield Hospital York